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After studying administration and a varied career, I found my way around a summit. I now wish to share my skills with you. 

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What is a RoadTrip?


The name is of Anglo-American origin and invites us to travel, it reminds us those films full of happiness and freedom which make dream of so much of us.

Indeed, the word RoadTrip makes feel full of emotions, he invites us to follow him, lets us imagine the adventure that awaits us, exchanges and laughter. Because yes the RoadTrip is often synonymous with meeting and conviviality.


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À propos de moi :

Bonjour à tous,

Je m’appelle Celine, j’adore voyager et partager mes expériences. Je vis actuellement en Nouvelle-Zélande et je me forme pour devenir professeur de FLE. Apprendre et évoluer de jour en jour est une passion et je souhaite aider tout ceux qui en ont besoin.

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