Access to remote, peaceful and beautiful places, hiking offers superb views and unforgettable moments. And moreover this hobby costs nothing.

the East Cape Lighthouse
The East Cape Lighthouse

When you travel a lot of our budget through the activities and if i told you that most of it is beautiful photo that gives you time to travel you for much of it was taken from places 100% free.

The only investment you would have to make is in equipment. But still, it depends on your level. The most important thing is to have good shoes and a backpack. I have a full article on this topic here.

To get started, learn about security rules.

Then start with a small distance and easy level then gradually increase, so the hike will remain a pleasure. Access to your first summit will be magical. I always remember hiking that I did with my mom when I was very young, colors and breathtaking views.

Many small walks of less than one hour offer information panels on the fauna, flora and history of places, and this along the trail. For the longest this panels are often placed at the entrance of these.

Now choose your hikes according to your centers of interest: Waterfall, River, Swimming, Summit, Forest, Beach, Historical Construction, Birds, Insects, Curiosity, Cave, Centennial Trees, Sacred Places, Picnic, Bridge, Lighthouse … They have so much to offer.

A secret that will allow you to reach all your destinations: Take your time! Stop to hydrate, admire your surroundings, have a snack

Motu Falls
Motu River

Please take care of these places, keep your trash with you, do not pick plants and stay on the trails. Thank you very much to all those who respect nature.

Indulge yourself with this free leisure that offers so much, I named the « Hiking ».

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