The international driving license being free it is a good option to be able to drive in a foreign country. Unfortunately it is very long to get.

Attention international driving license is not recognized in all countries and the translation is not complete it can not be used for translation.

Where to go to find out which driving license is needed?

The government website is quite comprehensive on this subject.

For Australia and New Zealand the international permit is acceptable for up to one year. Knowing that you can easily get the driving license of the country.

What steps to take?

You can pre-apply via the internet via Franceconnect. Have your driving license, proof of identity and proof of address of less than 6 months digitized.

Then you will need to send the following documents by mail to the address that will be provided at the end of the online application.

  • Certificate of Online Application Filing
  • Recent identity photo and complies with standards
  • Prepaid envelope letter rate followed by 50 g « ready to post » format, with your name, first name and the desired mailing address (registered mail is not accepted)

Cost and delivery time:

This service is free but very time consuming. Indeed on the government website it does not even indicate delays of receipt. Regarding the one for mine and that of people I know, it took us at least 3 months to receive it.

Validity :

The international driving license is valid for 3 years.

Its validity is subject to the presence of the French driving license. Only he has no value.

La raison de l'utilité du permis de conduire

Even if you do not plan to drive during your stay, having the proper driver’s license in the country can be very helpful. Getting behind the wheel when someone just drank or in an emergency can save lives.

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