Downloading the apps and information needed for your RoadTrip before you leave will give you peace of mind to make a good trip.

While you can get half an hour of free connection to Auckland Airport but the flow is very long it is better to predict in advance. Moreover in each city, the library offers internet for free. Unfortunately there is a lot of place where the connection is very bad or nonexistent.

GPS and route:

It is very important to choose a downloadable map for offline access. As well as a detailed map for your interests.

You can have Google Maps and download maps offline.

Maps.Me shows some hiking trail which is very helpful.

Campermate and Wikicamps tells you where to stay and some points of interest.

Savings and discounts:

Gaspy will help you refuel for less.

Book Me and Grabone allow you to get discounts depending on the time and date you want to book your activities.

Arrival offers discounts on your arrival.

Administrative :

Your banking application to be able to follow your account, to oppose in case of problem or even to contact your advisor.

Leaving for a long time, I also took with me the application of the tax to be able to make my declaration serenely.


An application of communication by internet to be able to contact your relatives by call, video or messages. Just make sure everyone you want to contact has the same. And for that you have a huge choice.

  • Messenger works with Facebook, your contacts must be registered on Facebook and have the Messenger app. The quality of the calls is good.
  • WhatsApp uses your phone number for account creation and as an identifier. When you install the app you find directly all your contacts having WhatsApp only by giving it access to your contacts.
  • Viber running similar to WhatsApp,
  • Skype (often very bad connection) uses your email address for account creation, then you will need to exchange your nicks to access your contacts.
  • ect.


For my part I have Moon+ Reader that I filled with book before leaving to be able to read during my journeys.

Remember to take a game offline if you wish.

Phone with apps

I am all ears if you have any advice to share with us.

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