When preparing your RoadTrip for New Zealand know how is the weather according to the seasons and a not insignificant advantage. Indeed in this way you can predict what to pack and which activities to program.

General weather on New Zealand weather:

Rain in New Zealand

The weather:

50% of the time you will be entitled to wind or rain. Indeed it is not for nothing that this country is green and with steep cliffs.

It is very rare to have a full day of bad weather. Generally for the days of heavy rain you will have at least 1 hour of calm.

The temperatures :

Regarding temperatures, everything depends on where you are. Since New Zealand is a long country, the further south you go, the colder you will be, the further north you will go. Indeed the northern part of the North Island has a subtropical climate that can go from 5 ºC in winter to 35 ºC in summer during the day. While in the center of the South Island the climate is mountainous, it will offer cold temperatures ranging from -15 ºC in winter to 25 ºC in summer.

If you want to see the temperature records the Wikipédia page « Climate of New Zealand » is a good indication.

Keep in mind that as night falls the temperatures drop rapidly. And that even in the summer some nights are cold.

The winter:

Soleil en Nouvelle-Zelande

Winter in New Zealand during the last two years has been mild for the first two months of June and July and very rainy and windy in August. This is why coats are de rigueur, as well as sweaters and rain jackets.

If you like snow, the center of the North Island and the mountains of the South Island will offer you beautiful landscapes.

The spring:

Spring offers a variety of temperatures and a very varied weather. So for a week or so on the same day you can go from a freezing cold with rain to a bright sun where you will go out in a t-shirt. By cons this season allows you to admire the babies of all animal species and flowering plant species.

The summer:

Even though the summer offers very nice temperatures see warm on the North Island it brings an increase of rain on the South Island. The day can be spent in T-shirt but plan a jacket for the evening.

The autumn:

This season is the one, when temperatures keep the sweetness of summer and the weather is lenient. Even if it remains changeable, do not forget it is New Zealand.


The sun:

It is very easy to catch a sunburn in New Zealand even during cloudy days. Indeed the hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand allows U.V. rays to access the globe surface without filter. Use sunscreen and covering clothing to protect yourself.

The NZ government explain a lot about it here.

The rain:

Rain in New Zealand

Even if the rain is harmless, there may be floods. Numbers of Freecamp at the edge of the river are flooded by heavy rain. Also for all hikers for several days after, the paths can be muddy, slippery and impractical. Be careful on the roads, some roads may experience landslides and vans can get bogged down.

In return the waterfalls and rivers are powerful and offer splendid shows.

The weather and temperatures in New Zealand:

Even though the seasons vary, there is a constant speed at which the weather changes. Whether you’re leaving at any season plan a rain jacket, a sweater and a swimsuit with plenty of sunscreen.

When planning a RoadTrip in New Zealand, there is a need for additional activities where you can be sheltered.

It is also important to have a vehicle in good condition to avoid aquaplaning.

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