Here is a nice recipe at will because you can change the ingredients according to your taste and at will. The backpackboulga will follow you wherever you are especially in van because this recipe is really simple and fast.

This mat does not require any culinary skills just mix everything and warm up!

I started to taste it in my van and now it is a must in my pantry. You have friends unexpectedly but you have not been shopping no problem you always have some canned food in the closet, and no one will starve!

You’ll need :

  • 1 can of lentils
  • 1 can of pois
  • 1 can of coconut cream
  • 1 ts of vege stock
  • 1 ts of curry
  • salt and pepper

Tadam !!!

And you can replace the lentils by any legume (chickpea, red bean …), the peas by the vegetables of your choice are inventive.

The coconut cream can be replaced by the cream that makes you want and even milk. Only for this one it will be necessary to cook it a little longer.

For spices, you have to try, vary the mix! Ahah I refer you to the article concerning them, they are a true marvel.

For my par I love the Backpackboulga because it is really simple to perform evenings of great fatigue but you can also cook it with fresh vegetables and dried seeds which reduces it is waste and it takes only 20min of more about.

Here I hope that this simple and fast recipe will warm your heart in your van.

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