When we do a RoadTrip we often prefer to put our money in the gas and the activities rather than the hairdresser. Especially when we can take care of our hair and cut it ourselves.

Initial cut

Before you start:

I will show you how I cut my hair but know that with training we can do everything. The first time I took 2 hours and now I’m taking 30 minutes. And I change my style regularly.

After different tests, I prefer to cut my hair when they are dirty. This is easier to work and is more economical because only one wash is enough.

Be careful always cut longer and shorten little by little. Wet or dirty hair is stiffer so it will look longer. In addition you will be able to carry out the last retouches once your hair will be clean and dry.

The place :

Cutting one’s hair outdoors would be a good way to prevent accidents. Unfortunately the wind can cause more accidents, making you cut through or just sending your hair everywhere. For me the best and cut them inside the van being careful.

Equipment :

Equipment to cut your hair

You will need :

  • good scissors,
  • mirror,
  • comb or brush,
  • a big enough box that closes,
  • towel,
  • a stable place.

The box will be used to harvest the hair you cut.

And the towel on your legs in case of small accidents.

How to cut hair from behind the head?


The easiest way is to make a ponytail and cut the desired length. However watch out for the position of the ponytail the higher it is and the more tapered effect you will have.

This technique allows you to directly have a plunging gradient if you position the low ponytail.

cut the length

Now you have to cut the desired length. Since I like the tapered side I cut from the top of my head.

But you can also cut by the side. Be careful however to do both sides for good symmetry.

How to cut the hair on the sides?

make a stripe in the middle

Make a stripe in the middle that goes down to the bottom and fold the hair on each side to the front.

choose the gradients

Choose the gradient you want to have, tilt and cut.

However keep in mind to always cut your hair with a longer length.

one side cut
same size

To make the symmetry, you can attach a wick on each side to the middle of your face and cut to the same length.

This will give you a starting base for cutting on the other side.

equal cut

Cut your hair up to a symmetrical cut, you can always do some touch ups once your hair is clean and dry.

Remember to close the box to avoid an accident.

How to cut your hair bangs?

The fringe for those who have one is a crucial moment because it shows a lot and changes the face. For those who would like a fringe for the first time pay attention to the choice of the shape of it it depends on the shape of your face. This article by OgleSchool will help you choose.

take the hair for the fringe

That’s how I do mine.

Select the hair assigned to the bangs. By joining them in the middle and twisting them before cutting, you will get a longer bangs on the sides.

For a hair bangs on the side just do the twist on the side.

first bangs cut

Very important the fringe, takes volume, so cut always longer and shorten little by little.

After the first cut brush the bangs to give it a little volume and decide on the length.

Remember to close the box to avoid an accident.


Before the shampoo, the hair does not give a perfect result.

After the cut

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