Gas is an important budget item on a Road Trip and some tips save a few dollars. This will allow you to go even further.

1- Where to fill up:

Rates can vary from 30 cents between two locations within 20km depending on the size of the city and ease of supply. A city with 3 or 4 petrol stations will offer lower rates because they share the cost of transport, however a small village with a single pump often run by an independent can save you my hole will make your budget.

The common gas stations :

  • Z station
  • Mobil
  • BP
  • Caltex
  • Gull

They usually offer low rates and if you have the right loyalty card you can earn 6 to 10 cents per liter.

In addition the Gaspy application allows you to locate the cheapest station in the area.

2- Tips useful with gasoline:

Vans often have limited capacity and consume a lot so there are times when you will not have access to an « affordable » petrol station. The trick is to invest in a jerry can.

Fill up with every city, no matter if you have 3/4 full or less. This way in areas where you have more than 400 km without a petrol station you will not be worried.

A mechanically well maintained vehicle consumes less. During the « services » the mechanics check the different filters and leaks, in addition to changing the oil and checking the different levels. So do not take this inspection lightly and do it on time.

The weight of the vehicle and its aerodynamics play a role in its consumption. Adding roof racks, buffers and other accessories breaks the aerodynamic profile and increases fuel consumption. So if you do not need this equipment, you know what you have to do, as well as the weight of the vehicle with the interior equipment.

Petrol old school

Here are all the tips that I know and if you have others do not hesitate to share them.

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