Instant coffee, Italian coffee maker, Vietnamese coffee or coffee press, what to choose when you are in a van and you can not have a coffee maker? How to make a good coffee in your van?

Barista slow coffee

On the road we meet a lot of people and although I do not drink coffee, I could see that this is a problem for many backpackers. Between a girlfriend who had heartburn because of soluble coffee or the difficulty of some to pour the pan to a smaller container, I present the different ways to make coffee in a van.

1- Instant coffee:

cup of coffee

The most common solution among travelers I’ve met, soluble coffee definitely has the advantage of being easy to use.

One to two teaspoon in a cup and poured boiling water. Stir and it’s ready.

On the other hand a lot of person whom I met had trouble with the taste or even difficulties to digest it.

2- The coffee press:

Coffee press

This is the best known solution for making coffee with « real coffee ».

  • Place about one to two teaspoons of ground coffee in the container per cup of coffee,
  • Pour some hot water, about 1cm,
  • Toss,
  • Leave 30 seconds,
  • Then pour non-boiling hot water to the maximum,
  • Place the press / filter above the liquid,
  • Wait 4 minutes or the time indicated on the coffee,
  • Press the press,
  • Server you a cup.

Choose a coffee with big grind, if the coffee is too fine it will block the press. In addition the coffee maker has no filter, you could have grains in your cup.

3- The Vietnamese coffee maker:

vietnamese coffee maker

The traditional Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk uses a 4-part stainless steel filter (Phin) to pass the coffee. However you can simply use the filter to make a « normal » coffee.

  • Preheat the water,
  • Heat the cup by pouring hot water on it,
  • Place the coffee in the main container about 2 teaspoon and even,
  • Then place the inner filter and compact slightly,
  • Place on the outer filter, then on the cup,
  • Pour some hot water and let it pass,
  • Then fill the container with hot water,
  • Place the lid,
  • Allow to pass completely then put hot water until filling the cup.

Choose a coarsely ground coffee.

4- Italian coffee maker:

italian coffee maker

Many of us have known these coffee makers at our grandparents staying continuously on the stove. This coffee in between filter coffee and espresso. A coffee texture from a filter coffee machine but more full-bodied.

  • Preheat your water,
  • Place the water in the lower part of the coffeemaker,
  • Fill the coffee funnel, equalize without tamping,
  • Close the coffeemaker,
  • Place the coffee pot on the fire,
  • Remove from heat when coffee is in the upper tank.

Choose a grind close to that of espresso this coffee maker needs a ground coffee quite finely.

Be careful if you put cold water and you put on the fire cooking will take too long the coffee will annoy and lose flavor. In addition you will have a slight taste of burning.

5- Slow coffee:

Slow coffee

Getting closer to the Vietnamese coffee maker slow coffee offers you a sweet coffee.

  • Preheat the water,
  • Place the filter,
  • Pour hot water on the filter to avoid heat shock and not have the smell of paper,
  • Empty the water,
  • Place the coffee in the filter about two teaspoons per cup, to adapt depending on the coffee used,
  • Pour some water from the middle and draw a circle to wet the coffee,
  • Then pour more water until you reach the mark, still drawing circles to mix the coffee.

The most important part is the filter, this specific filter retains 30% more sediment than a normal filter.

Choose a coarsely ground coffee.

Make a good coffee in your van:

To have all the aromas of the coffee, it is necessary to grind it just before using it because the oils of the coffee evaporates very quickly.

More you will leave the ground coffee in the water more it will be bitter. The best time it’s around 4 minutes.

grind coffee

Beware boiling water destroys the aromas of coffee.

In any case I advise you to invest in a saucepan that has a spout for avoiding any accident in the van when you make your coffee.

If you have any advice or opinion on these methods do not hesitate to share them with us.

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