When you arrive in a new country and you need something it is nice to recognize the different shops so you do not waste time. Here are the main chain stores.

Food stores:

Food shop

The main food stores like Carrefour, Leclerc … in France, where you can find bulk, are as follows:

  • New World
  • Countdown (Woolworths in Australia)
  • Pak’n’save

To know that in these stores you can also find non-prescription drugs.

Convenient stores are the equivalent of Carrefour city and others, they are more expensive and there is less choice.

  • Four Square

The biggest bulk store chain is BinInn and you can find it in almost every city.

Clothes, kitchen utensils …:

Babou style stores are common and allow you to buy some things cheaply.

  • The Warehouse
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Farmer

The value for money there is better than in the French brands in my opinion.

Material stores:

You want to tinker or develop your van these signs will be your suppliers.

  • Bunnings
  • PlaceMaker
  • Mitre 10

Appliances and furniture:

Whether you are looking for a bed, a washing machine or a decoration, these stores, in the style of Darty, Conforama and But, can help you.

  • Briscoes
  • Akia
  • Target Furniture
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond

Electronic material :

If you want a store where to find a computer or other electronic items look for this one.

  • Noel Leeming

Concerning Mechanics:

Need to add an auxiliary battery to your van or to redo the level? Look no further these channels will offer you all what you need.

  • CheapAuto
  • Repco

Sports shops:

There is unfortunately no equivalent to decathlon in New Zealand so refuel before leaving. But in case of emergency here are the places where you can find specific equipment.

  • Kathmandu
  • Macpac

That’s if you want more store do not hesitate to ask me. Hoping that this article will be useful to you.

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