Generally, the first reaction we have when we start to get stuck, determines whether we will be stuck or not. So what to do when you get bogged down with the van?

Do not skid!

1- Stop and think.

The big mistake of many is to accelerate, which has the opposite effect to that expected, it sinks deeper. Therefore we can not get out of our hole.

So yes, stopping, watching and breathing are the first steps to get out of there.

2- The technique when one gets bogged down slightly with the van:

Without going to the point of skiding, you will have to move forward, backward, forward, backward stopping each time you lose grip. In this way we will pack a little around the wheels until we can get out of our stagnation. You will have to be nice on the accelerator, just a little bit by a little bit. The more you go slowly, the more likely you are to escape. Do not hesitate to open your door to observe the driving wheels (these are the ones that the engine rotates, before for traction and rear for a propultion).

If you have people around you can ask for help to push when you go out to get out. Some friends put their van in the sand and with 6 pushers we got them out of there.

3- Increase the grip of the tires:

By placing solid things like branches, pebbles, floor mats, ect. in front of and behind the tires of the drive wheels, you can regain a little grip and continue to use the technique of moving forward and backward. Be careful not to use materials that can damage your tires.

You can also dig all around tires and use the technique of moving forward and backward.

4- Brake and accelerate at the same time:

This technique makes it possible to give more power to the drive wheels. But be careful, do not use it for more than a few seconds or you will heat up the brakes.

For this braking and accelerating at the same time and gently release the brakes.

5- Deflate some of his tires:

Be careful you will be able to inflate your tires very quickly. Otherwise your tires will suffer significant damage and you could have an accident.

If you deflate your tires slightly you will increase the grip due to a larger contact area.

6- Ask for help:

Sometimes we are really bogged down and we can try everything we realize that things are getting worse.

At that moment, we stop everything. We put the vehicle in safety, we signal its position with a warning triangle or other.

Take your backpack, water as if you are leaving for the day and seek help. A 4WD, pick up or tractor can get you out of there.

There are some lovely people who will be happy to help you. However if you do not find anyone you will need to call your assistance.

In conclusion how do you get out of it when you get bogged down with the van:

You can get bogged down in sand, mud, gravel, snow and loose ground. The most important thing is to stay calm and take your time. Try these solutions one by one and you’ll be fine.

The vans being heavy it is very simple to bury them. So be careful, do not use the paths reserved for the 4WD and follow the indications. In case of doubt park the van and continue on foot.

Equip yourself with chains and snow tires in winter.

My little adventure, when I bogged down my van:

Bogged down van

The action :

In a steep path, I climbed quietly when suddenly the van lost grip and began to retreat. I said to myself Ok I go down again and I start again. Only when I braked a bit to slow my descent, I slid on the side, until being stalled on the low side. I tried to move slowly but I started to skid from the back (I have a propulsion van) and slide on the front side (really steep coast!). I turned my wheels so that the van could not move and I went out.

It’s official I bogged down my van.

I could not use the technique of moving forward and backward, so I tried to put branches and other solid material to increase grip. New trial, I slip again so I decide to stop and get help before worsening the situation.

The solution :

7 km of mounted to reach the main road, I did not meet anybody before the end and just a place where I had a network bar.

First meeting a couple in motorhome who offers me to take me to the next city so I can call. I hesitate to accept their offer because I forgot to put sign to show my van and that the place is very dangerous. Since they were going to drink coffee they gave me time to think.

Second meeting a forester in a pick up, unfortunately he had no rope and could not reach anyone on the radio so he offers me to go and call colleagues to get me out of there (Jackpot!).

In the meantime I see the couple who offers me water and food for my waiting and refuses my refusal of food. Finally I did not wait long for the pick up to arrive and they took me out of there in no time using chains for tree trunks.

A good adventure that inspired me for the subject of this article.

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