The choice of where you will sleep depends on your needs. Do you need comfort? Would you like to save? Do you want to stay mobile? The answer to these questions will allow you to choose what will suit you from it’s 6 solutions.


1- The Hotel:

Very comfortable and offering all the desired privacy, this solution is however the most expensive. In New Zealand low prices are around $ 100 a night. Hotels are mainly located in cities.

2- Airbnb and couchsurfing:

A comfortable version and often more affordable than the Hotel. In this way you will also have the opportunity to interact with locals and often get good places to see and tips. Some couchsurfing are free you will surely bring the meal and cook it.

3- Backpacker Hostel :

Comfortable in the sense that you will have a bed and access to a bathroom. But forget the intimacy you will all share the return of alcoholic party, the low love and the worst bed bugs, these little riquiquis but really horrible critters. So yes I just described the worst case and you can make wonderful meetings and also have a great time.

4- In your Van or Car :

Autonomy par excellence, a van or a car developed have varying degrees of comfort. A good mattress, an indoor kitchen, a toilet and a solar shower will offer you all the comfort you need. I have prepared a complete article on choosing the layout here.

5- In Tent :

The real backpacking freedom to stop where you want at no cost. Unfortunately there are a lot of constraints on where to put your tent. For example it is strictly forbidden to camp in tent in places with geothermal activity for security reasons. Selfcontained vans are accepted in many places however tents are often refused.

6- In Woofing or Helpx :

A moment of exchange where you will work in general 4 hours in exchange for the lodging and the cover. Comfort and privacy depend on where you are. From the real place in the family with a clean and comfortable room, to the factory in Woofer with a shared dormitory or lack of hygiene everything can happen to you. However these are rare and if you do not feel comfortable leave the premises.

Here is a small description of the different places to spend the night. Choose according to your desires and personal needs, sleep is important to make the most of your trip.

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