Before you can live on your blog, you have to create it. In this article we will see the choices available to us and why I chose to create my blog on WordPress.

With what to create his blog?

Plateforms :

Wix, 1&1, etc.

Advantages :

  • Construction of the site, very simple to take in hand and possibility of obtaining easily the visual one wishes.
  • Autonomy, you can make all the desired changes yourself.
  • Reliability and security, the company has its own code and secures it.


  • The creation of the blog takes time.
  • You are the tenant of the site, it does not belong to you. You will not be able to export it if you want to change the solution.
  • Platforms have limited scalability. They develop their own modules but do not have them all.
  • Difficulty for SEO.

OpenSource software:

WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Advantages :

  • Autonomy, you can make all the desired changes yourself.
  • Very good scalability since all the mode can develop a solution.
  • You own the site.
  • Simple SEO, there are good tools available to guide you.


  • The construction of the site is a bit difficult for a beginner.
  • Create your blog takes time.
  • The weak point is about security and reliability.

Web agency:

They often use solutions like WordPress. You save time but the price is high.

Be careful choose the options because it will not be profitable to have to go through the agency every time you have to make a small change for example.

How to get a domain name?

To obtain a domain name, have storage space and a responsive site, you will have to choose a host. There are many. For example WordPress offers to host you. According to the comparisons that I made and the advice of anyone from the experience PlanetHoster stands out by offering the best quality / price and offers continuous assistance.

My choices :

I chose to use WordPress because it has more advantage than platforms and as it is the most used there is a lot of development opportunity. Concerning the defects they are easily contournable thanks to a formation. In addition I chose PlanetHoster for my accommodation.

David Lefèvre offered me a training that allowed me to master WordPress quickly with simple explanations. He is present and answers our questions by encouraging us. In addition I love the name he gave him « WordPress explained to my nephew« . This training is in French but if you want more information I invite you to follow the link.

A certain advantage to follow a training is that you will save time because you will avoid many pitfalls and small errors.

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