When you travel the savings fly off very fast. Then the choice is offered to you to go back or work. I chose to work, ok, but I do not have any competence in an English speaking country or I do not speak English well enough. Well here are the trades that accept backpackers.

The different jobs:

In agriculture:

No level of English will be required, the only thing is that you have to be hardworking these jobs are physical and the days can seem very long.

Be careful not to have some contractor are dishonest and you may have problems getting paid or get paid slingshot. Some will tell you that they declare to you to withdraw the different taxes and will not do it. My advice always ask for the payslips and never stay more than 2 weeks (which is already a lot) without receiving your payroll and the slip.

  • Fruit and vegetable picker: Depending on the season you want to work the fruits and vegetables will change. In this type of place you have to have a solid back. Salaries can be on time or in basket. Attention inform you about the size of the baskets before choosing or going to work. Some salaries may look attractive like that but you may need the day to fill some baskets.
  • Pruner: Between the harvest seasons it is necessary to prune the trees and organize them, it is also difficult for the back because the arms are continually in the air. Salaries can be on time or in section (baie).
  • Nursery: The main function in the nursery is to change pots and water but there are many other aspects. Salaries are on time and work is less difficult.
  • Farm worker: The main tasks will be feeding small (calves, lambs …), but you can also milking and cleaning the barn … Salaries are on time.
  • Groom: He is very often asked for the experience to be able to be groom. So if you know the horses and can ride it may interest you otherwise you will have very little luck. Salaries can be on task or on time.

In restauration :

Paid on time these jobs are accessible with a minimum of English if you are a diver but you will need to be able to understand an order for any other positions. The restoration is an environment where you have to know how to manage your stress because you will have to maintain a good pace during the rushes.

  • Dishwasher: You will have to do the dishes for the restaurant, clumsy refrain as broken dishes can be withheld from your wages.
  • Kitchen Hand: You will have to do everything the chef will ask you. This job is very interesting and very stressful.
  • Waiter: With a correct level of English, a good balance and a good attitude the bosses will not let you go.

With children:

There are two opportunities for you nanny or au pair. Generally speaking a foreign language is a plus that parents are looking for so you can teach this to their lovely toddler.

Construction trades:

You will probably be asked to pass a security diploma it can take from 1 to 3 days, the assumption of expenses may be at your expense. Salaries are usually on time.

  • Traffic Controller: Long hours standing all the time with little to do except letting the cars pass when it’s your turn.
  • Manpower: Some companies will take you without experience and will train you if you agree to stay 3 months.

Cleaner :

Whether in a company or at home the work is paid by the hour.

Factory employee:

Factories often look for employees and will train you at the job requested. Some ask to stay a minimum month but usually they prefer 3 months.

Kiwi pruning

Where to apply?

Some sites group ads for the backpacker as Backpacker Jobs NZ, Backpacker Board NZ and seasonaljobs.co.nz.

Others are more versatile like Seek or Indeed.

Of course you can also find job offers on Trademe.

Lastly, some dormitories at Backpacker offer to find you a job in return for staying home. But beware this offer is tempting but does not guarantee you to have work, there are many residents for a limited number of jobs. Sometimes you can work only one day in the week and this does not cover housing. I will therefore advise this option during rain-free pruning and picking seasons where there is a high demand for workers.

Now nothing limits you do not hesitate to introduce you where you want with your C.V. It is not like in France the employers prefer to meet you in person.

Of course you also have the opportunity to work by internet and if you are interested I speak here.

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